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Different Types of Hair Highlights

Different Types of Hair Highlights


There are several different types of hair highlights that women in Dallas can consider. Understanding the options can help you to achieve the look you want. Taking a glimpse at what is offered can help you to decide what you would like to have in your hair. You can look at photos too to help you with making your decision. Some types of hair highlights offer a subtle change and other are very dramatic.

Some people have very thin strips of highlights and even lowlights around their hair. This helps them to develop a very nice hue overall. The light of the sun or from various indoor rooms will help the hair to be shiny and alive. Some people have up to 70% of their hair with these types of highlights.

Chunks of hair highlights can be very dramatic when they are on other shades of color. This is usually only going to be about 30% of the hair. When it comes to the use of chunking though they have to be uniform and precisely located for them to look right. This is why it is not recommended to be a do it yourself at home hair design. If chunking isn’t done correctly it can look very bad and that isn’t something you want to think about with your hair.

In the past chunking was only done with a dark brown or black hair and then the chunks were a shade of brown or blonde. Today though there are more extremes. There can be light colored hair such as blonde that has chunks of brown or black in it. Of course there are also the reds, blues, pinks, and other more dramatic colors that people choose to use.

Slices are somewhat similar to chunking but they areas of hair aren’t as wide. This can be a good stepping stone type of hair highlights when someone isn’t sure if they want to go with chunking or not. Stamping is a technique that offers a type of design in the hair. For example the highlights are in the shape of a heart or other design. This can be tough to keep looking right though as the hair grows or you wear it in different ways so keep that in mind.

Baylage is a type of hair highlight that is free hand and was very popular in Dallas. This is something that a professional Hairstylist at a salon can offer. The idea is for the highlights to look like they are a natural part of the overall hair of a person. They do give plenty of enhancement to the hair but when someone sees them they would just assume that this is real hair and not have any clue that there are highlights put in it.

It is best to have any types of hair highlights done by me at Muse Salon in Dallas. I understand the various tones that go well with each other. Then your highlights will look very appealing and your hair will also be healthier. When you do them yourself at home you may not get the tones that work well for you. Plus, many of them have chemicals that can severely damage your hair.


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