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Klix Hair Extensions

Klix Hair Extensions

100% human permanent hair extensions.
60 min application
30 min retouch and a 10 min removal
Movable and reusable
Undetectable skin weft
Only $700



Klix Hair Extensions are available at Muse Salon in Dallas and are made from very high quality 100 percent Remy Hair. Each strand is hand threaded to a skin like piece of material from the root of the hair to the end of the hair, to maintain the hair’s natural direction of growth. This allows Klix Hair Extensions to remain tangle free while looking undeniably natural and shiny. Color matched links keep the hair safe and healthy, and the material blends so that it looks like a natural extension of your own hair.

The range of duo and tri-colored mixes are a huge hit at Muse Salon. In the light, the strands reveal a subtle hint of stunning hues creating a natural effect.

Klix Hair Extensions come in two textures- Straight and Body Wave

The Klix hair extensions system dramatically reduces application time and it allows me to apply a full head of extensions in 60 minutes or less!  Commitment free, Klix is the only movable and reusable permanent hair extension system on the professional market. Touch-ups are recommended every 4 to 6 weeks and are completed in 30 minutes or less. Hair removal is safe, easy and painless leaving  your hair in its original condition.

Klix Hair Extensions are available in ten solid colors and eight pre-blended colors


Q: What are Klix Hair Extensions?
A: Klix Hair Extensions offers hair extensions that are made from human hair. They are easy to put in due to the design of an application that is similar to a track. This is used to attach the hair extensions to the hair successfully.

Q: How can the use of Klix hair extensions make me look better than ever?
A: Hair extensions can help you to create a variety of looks that you want for your hair. They include getting hair that is longer, hair and hair that is fuller. If you have thin or fine hair you may struggle right now but hair extensions can help you get a great look. If you have short hair you can make it long. You can also use various colors to get a nice look for your hair with those extensions.

Q: Can other people tell that I am wearing Klix Hair Extensions?
A: The look of these hair extensions is very realistic so no one is going to tell you have them in. They are offered in a variety of great colors. They also have a texture that is very similar to your real hair. The only way people will know you have these hair extensions is if you decide you would like to tell them.

Q: What is a skin weft?
A: Skin Weft is a type of mesh material that has some human hair that has been added to it. That is sewn in for a very natural appearance. Polyurethane is used to coat the skin weft. It is very thin and durable and helps to offer someone a great look. This is perfect for those that want more body and volume added to their natural hair.

Q: Am I able to brush my hair with Klix Hair Extensions in it?
A: You will need to use a soft bristle brush for keeping your hair combed out. You want to make sure you do it from the roots through the micro links. Otherwise you risk the hair extensions tangling up on you.

Q: Do I have options for styling my hair with Klix hair extensions in it?
A: You have unlimited styling options for your hair with Klix Hair Extensions in it. You will be able to curl it, use a flat iron, and even your blow dryer. All of this is possible due to the extensions being made from human hair.

Q: What is the length of the Klix Hair Extensions?
A: 18” lengths are offered.

Q: How are the extensions attached to my natural hair so that they stay in place?
A: Extensions are attached using micro links that are lined with silicone.

Q: Is it safe to color my hair when I have Klix Hair Extensions in it?
A: You can color your own hair as well as those extensions in them. However, it isn’t recommended to highlight them.

Q: Do Klix Hair Extensions last very long?
A: Klix Hair Extensions are permanent hair extensions so you can keep them in for a long time. A single package offers you 3 retouches so you should be able to use them for a period of up to 6 months.

Q: How do I keep my Klix Hair Extensions looking great?
A: Every 4 to 6 weeks you will need to get a touch up done if you want to keep your hair extensions looking terrific. This can be done in about half an hour or less. You also need to make sure you use a soft bristled brush to comb the hair out daily. This will reduce the chances of it tangling.

Q: Is it safe to put my hair in an up do when I have extensions in it?
A: It is safe to put your hair up with extensions in it. Plus, no one will be able to tell that it isn’t your own natural hair.

Q: Are extensions going to be comfortable while I am sleeping?
A: You aren’t going to feel the micro links in your hair as you sleep. They don’t lie on your scalp which is why they won’t be a bother.

Q: How do I properly maintain my hair extensions?
A: Wash your hair extensions just like you do with your real hair. You will also need to brush it daily to reduce tangles. There are certain products though that should be used in order to keep the Klix Hair Extensions looking amazing for the longest period of time. Your hair stylist can go over all of that information with you.

Q: Is it possible to use Klix Hair Extensions daily or should I only use them temporarily such as when I have a big event?
A: You have plenty of freedom with the use of these hair extensions. You can leave them in for up to 6 months at a time and then replace them. You can also decide to remove them whenever you feel like. It only takes about 20 minutes to take them out.

Q: What is the price for these hair extensions?
A: The cost may vary based on what you would like. For example the color you want, the length, and even how much volume you need with your own hair to get a desired look. You can get a free consultation with me at Muse Salon Dallas and will explore options and pricing with you. Right now these are priced on special for $700.

Q: Is my real hair going to suffer in terms of damage due to wearing hair extensions?
A: There isn’t going to be any damage to your hair at all with Klix Hair Extensions. This is because nothing is used that will cause breakage of your real hair. This procedure doesn’t require the use of tape, glue, heat, or chemicals.

Q: Does it hurt when I get the extensions taken out? Will some of my real hair also be taken out?
A: There is no pain at all involved with the removal of Klix Hair Extensions. Also, your real hair isn’t going to be pulled out with those hair extensions.

Q:  Will my hair feel heavy with Klix Hair Extensions?
A:  They are lightweight and so you won’t even notice they are there. They don’t weigh down your head as some people worry about.

Q: I have hair that is naturally curly? Can I still use hair extensions?
A: You can use hair extensions if you have soft hair. If your hair is hard though it isn’t a good idea. That is because it will become too hard to keep it from tangling up.

Q: Can individuals that are Asian or African use hair extensions successfully?
A: It is possible to use hair extensions successfully regardless of nationality. African individuals should have a relaxant put into their hair first though. I can go over all those details with you at the consultation.

Q: Is it possible to use Klix hair extensions to add texture or highlights?
A:  It is possible to use hair extensions to create longer hair, various dimensions of color, and overall volume.

Give me a call today and schedule a FREE consultation. I look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂






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