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Hair Extension FAQ

How much are extensions?
Please check the services page for pricing.

What types of hair extensions do you offer?
Three brands of hair extensions are offered.  Hairdreams, Balmain and klix.

What methods of hair extensions do you offer?
Four methods of installation are offered.  Fusion and Tape by Hairdreams, Double Hair, SV’s and Tape by Balmain and Silicone lined copper Micro-link (cold fusion) by klix.

Will extensions ruin my hair?
No.  Extensions do not ruin your hair.  With the proper method chosen, installation, home care,maintenance and removal your hair will be in the same condition or better upon removal.

Do you wear extensions?
Yes.  I have worn every brand and method of extensions that I offer.  I am currently wearing Hairdreams quickies. 

Will I be able to wear my hair up with out seeing the extensions?
Yes, with proper placement during installation wearing your hair up is possible.

How do I know which brand and method to get?
It will depend on your hair type and desired look.

Are the extensions human hair?
All brands offered are human hair.

Are the extensions remy hair?
All brands are remy hair.

What is the quality of the hair in the brands offered?
All three companies provide high quality human hair, which is why I offer them and would proudly wear them myself.

Will I be able to style my hair as usual?
Yes.  You can shampoo and style your hair as you normally would.  Most likely, you will have more options in your hairstyling.  Hair extensions hold curl really well.  You are able to use a blowdryer, curling iron or flat iron as usual.

Will I be able to swim?
Yes.  You will need to apply a leave in conditioner to your hair before swimming (even if you do not have extensions this is a good idea).  It is recommended that you braid your extensions in one large braid to prevent tangling. 

I wash my hair every day.  Will I still be able to with extensions?
Sure.  Just be mindful that you will be shortening the life span of the extensions.  Every other day shampooing is recommended.

Do I need to use a special shampoo or products on my hair extensions?
Yes.  The recommended shampoo, conditioner, shine product and hairbrush are provided for you with every hair extension package. 

Will I be able to use other products on my hair extensions?
Yes.  You may use other products provided that you do not apply them near the bonding area of the extensions.  You may apply the products to the lengths of the hair.

Will I still be able to color or highlight my hair with the extensions in?

Do I need to have the extensions trimmed?
Yes.  It is recommended that you ask for a trim when you come in for your maintenance.   

What is the charge for trimming my extensions?
Included with all hair extension services.

How often will I come in for Maintenance?
With Hairdreams fusion extensions you will have  your first tidy cut at 6 weeks.  With Hairdreams tape you will need maintenance between 6 and 8 weeks.  With Klix you will need your first tightening at 4 weeks.

How will I know when I need maintenance?
There are a number of factors in your recommended maintenance schedule.  It is dependent upon your hair growth, home care and extension type.  

What is a tidy cut?
When the strands of hair that naturally shed can not leave the head because they are attached inside of a bond, they need to be removed.  These small hairs will need to be carefully trimmed from every bond to prevent the bonds from latching on to each other contributing to matting. 

What is matting and how do I prevent it?
Tangling.  With plenty of brushing, recommended home care and regular maintenance on all types of extensions, matting will not occur.

What do I do if I have matting?
Schedule and appointment as soon as possible for matting relief.  It will multiply quickly.  In severe cases extensions will need to be removed.

What is the maintenance with Hairdreams Quickies tape-in?
Your extensions will be completely removed, re-taped and re-installed.

What is the maintenance with Balmain Double hair treatment?
6 weeks for tidy cut or 4 weeks for tightening depending on method of installation.

What is the maintenance with Balmain Easy Volume tape in?
6-8 weeks remove, re-tape, re- install.

What is a tightening with klix?
Each silicone lined copper micro-link will be carefully opened, moved closer to the scalp and closed.

What lengths do the extensions come in?
Hairdreams 12 in, 14 in, 16 in, 18 in, 20 in, 22 in, 24 in.  Balmain 16 in, 22-24 in.  Klix 18 inches all colors.  22 inches select colors.

How long will my extensions last?
This depends on your hair type, the hair extension method and home care.  With proper care and maintenance you can expect 3 – 6  months of wear.

How long will it take to install my extensions?
This can vary greatly depending on method chosen and desired look. 

I want extensions.  What is the first step?
Call to schedule a consultation.  214-649-4208   

How long will the consultation take?
usually 15 – 30 min.

Is there a fee for the consultation?

Do I need to bring anything with me?
You can bring photos with you of your desired look.










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