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Your Dallas Wedding and Hair Salon

Your Dallas Wedding and Hair Salon

On your wedding day in Dallas all eyes will be on you. One of the things that you may be stressed about is how to wear your hair. Should you wear it up or should you wear it down? Of course the length of your hair can play a role in that as well. Don’t allow your wedding day hair to be something you leave until the last minute.

In fact, you should be thinking about how you are going to wear your hair before you buy your headpiece. The decision to wear a veil, a crown, or other item can play a role in what type of hair style you will have. Even an open back wedding dress can help you to decide to wear your hair up so that everyone can see that part of the remarkable dress you selected.

It is a good idea to talk to me many months before your wedding. I can schedule appointments for you to get new looks. This can allow you time to decide what you like. Do you want your hair long and flowing or curly? Do you want your hair put up and in a brilliant and elegant twist?

By having these appointments in advance you will know what you want before the big day arrives. You can also see how long the look with last. Some people have magnificent curls for example when they leave the hair salon. However, in a few hours they start to frizz due to the humidity. That isn’t a look that will be appealing when you get to the wedding reception!

I am writing this article  because my goal is to do your hair for your wedding day. I am willing to do early morning appointments to accommodate your special day. I can also do the hair for the entire bridal party if you would like. That can be a gift you give those in the wedding if you would like.

Your wedding day is your special day and one that you will never forget. Therefore you need to do what you can to communicate the appearance you want to your me. Bring along photos of looks you want to try and even pictures of your wedding dress. All of this will also help me to give you some great tips and pointers you may be interested in.

Determining how your hair will look for your wedding should be taken care of before the big day arrives. Avoid getting a drastic hair cut or style change in the days right before you get married. You don’t want to feel self conscious about the look. Your wedding photos need to be something you feel proud to put on display

I will definitely go the distance when it comes to helping to making your wedding day very special. Give me the time I need though to get you in and to experiment with your hair. Then you can feel confident that on your wedding day when all eyes are on you everyone will be saying what a pretty bride you are.

Please note that at this moment I do not perform Bridal Services but I have a great referral for you

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