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The Best Dallas Hairstyles for you

Women who live in Dallas love hair and are known for their keen sense of fashion and cutting edge hairstyles.  But in order to get the latest, most fashionable hairstyles in Dallas you need to  know what is in and what is not.  You need to have an understanding of which hairstyle will look best with your particular face shape and work with your lifestyle. And finally you need to have the tools and know how to maintain that style for a salon every day look.

This season there are many Dallas hairstyles that are perfect for you.  Both long and short styles are in fashion but how they are styled is the key.  So, whether you prefer long hair to short or vice versa, you can have a great looking hairstyle that is sure to be in style.  Layers and bigger hair is in this season.  Also in style is a slightly messy look.  For long hair, especially for summer time, knotted ponytails, heavy blond highlights and half up half down styles are in fashion.  Use clips to pull the hair away from the face.  Instead of a smooth, sleek style, choose to tease the front slightly and then smooth it across the top of the head for a fuller look.  For evening, use a little hair product and make a full dramatic look with messy layers or curls.

Women with short hair can also employ clips to pull the hair away from the face in fun, flirty ways.  Geometric layers, inverted bobs and asymmetrical layers are especially in style this season.  Women with short hair can get the latest Dallas hairstyles by getting a choppy cut that frames the face.  Curls and full looks create a dramatic yet flirty look that is in style this season.  Stay away from ultra sleek looks and overly processed hair!  Natural hair is in!  To achieve some looks, hair products need to be used but do so sparingly to avoid looking like you have plastic hair!

Face shape is critically important to determine the hairstyle that will suit you best.  Women with rounder faces should avoid hairstyles that are too short and accentuates the roundness of the face.  Women that fall into this category should try mid shoulder to long haircuts that will elongate the face and draw the eye down.  Women with square faces, the trick is to find a cut that minimizes the angles.  Short styles with layers are ideal for this shape.  Oblong faces should avoid hair that is too long as this will make the face look even longer.  Short hair and use of bangs are perfect in this situation.  Anyone lucky enough to have an oval face shape can get away with pretty much anything because this shape is extremely versatile.

If you do not come and sit in my chair, choosing a hairstylist to achieve the perfect look for you may be tricky…. so please make sure to shop around.  Ask for referrals from friends, family or people whose hair you like as this is the best way to find a reliable, skilled hairdresser in Dallas.  When dealing with haircuts, you get what you pay for.  You do not have to pay a premium for a fantastic hairstyle but you should avoid the cheap chain cutting salons if at all possible. These establishments  are fine for childrens haircuts but you will not always get the best of the best when it comes to fashion sense and skill.

Of course, everyone looks wonderful once they get out of the hair salon but sometimes it is not easy to maintain that look.  Make sure that you pay close attention to the hairdresser when they are styling your  hair.  Ask him/her which hair products need to be used and make sure you have them available at home.  If you choose a good hairstylist they will not mind answering your questions so make sure you know how to curl, style or blow dry your hair to recreate the same fresh out of the salon look every day!

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