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How to find the Best Dallas Hair Salon for you

Having a fabulous look is important for both women and men. If you live in Dallas, hair can be a bit tricky due to the high humidity. Yet that doesn’t mean you can’t work with a terrific Dallas Hair Salon that can offer you something that works in spite of that. Looking your very best will help you feel confident and improve your overall mood. I would love for you to come and sit in my chair at Muse Hair Salon but if for some reason you do not think that we are a good fit, finding the right Salon in Dallas doesn’t have to be difficult.

Take your time to think about what you really want. If you don’t make that known, you will have  a hard time finding a salon you are happy with. Feeling confident about what you walk out with is important so you need to be able to trust the salon and the hairstylist that will be doing your hair.

Chances are you have friends, family members, or co-workers that you love their look. Give them a compliment about their hair and ask them which Dallas salon they went to and where they are located. Let them know you would enjoy seeing what they can do for you. Ask the person that shared the information with you if you can use them as a referral as well. I usually give referring clients a hefty discount on their next appointment.

This is an important point because you will find some Dallas hair salons aren’t taking new clients. However, if you let them know one of their valued customers referred you they may make an exception in order to keep everyone happy. After all, they can’t beat free positive publicity.

You can also go online to find out what is offered in the Dallas Metroplex. Go to the different salon websites and poke around, this is a great way to get a feel for what the inside of the salon is going to be like. Some of them are very traditional but others are very trendy. It is a personal decision about which type of atmosphere you would enjoy more.

Many Dallas salons will have advertisements around town or in local newspapers so keep your eyes out for them. Business cards are a great way to contact a hairstylist and see if they are right for you. Sometimes these advertisements or business cards offer a discount as well for new clients. This is a terrific way to save some money in the process as well.

When you are ready to contact a hair salon, you may have a particular person in mind to schedule an appointment with. If so, let that be known so that you are happy when you show up. If not, then ask for recommendations based on what you would like to have done.

When you go to your appointment, take some time to talk to the hairstylist. If they do not seem open to your ideas and what you are looking for then you have the right to leave without any obligation. Too many people feel intimidated once they are in the chair but then they end up with a hairstyle, cut, or color that they are really unhappy with.

You should feel that you can trust the person that will be doing your hair. Don’t be afraid to ask them some questions. For example you can ask them how long they have been in the business. You can also ask them about any special training or hair shows they may have recently attended. You should be able to discuss your ideas and even bring in pictures of what you would like your hair to look like.

Don’t judge the hairstylist by the hair on their head and let it be an indicator of what they will be able to do for you. If you see a hairstylist with a terrible hair cut and horribly fried blond hair is not her doing, she just made a poor hair salon choice. Hairstylists do not cut and color their own hair.

You want to be careful of hairstylists that want to give you the look they feel you should have. While it can be great, it may be a drastic change that you aren’t willing to go with. It may also be a style that they can create in the salon but that you won’t be able to replicate at home. That can be very frustrating as well as disappointing.

Even though we are the experts, you should always feel in control over what is taking place within the salon. Be very clear about what you want. Excellent communication is a key element for you to have with a hairstylist if the relationship is going to be long lasting.

The location of a hair salon is something you need to consider as well. While many of my clients drive very long distances to come visit me in the Knox Henderson Area it can be very inconvenient if the only time you can come is during rush hour traffic. You know how Dallas is, even if you do not have to travel a far distance traffic is an absolute pain if you do not time it right. While I am on the topic of location available parking in the immediate area may be something you would like to evaluate before venturing out. You don’t want to be stressed out when it is time to get your hair done! Instead it should be something relaxing that you look forward to.

The different prices in Dallas Hair Salons needs to be considered as well. It is natural to be willing to spend money to look nice. Yet if you compare prices it makes sense to get the same type of results from the salon that offers the lowest price. You do have to be careful as some locations inflate prices to give the idea that they are better than others but they aren’t able to offer any significant benefits to prove it.

It can take some time to find the right hair salon for your needs. Don’t be afraid to be assertive in finding it. The fact that you want to look your very best should be important to the hairstylist as well. You should be excited when you go to your appointments. You never want to be worried about what the end result is going to be!

Hopefully you will be able to take these tips and find the perfect Dallas Hair Salon for you. If you do not succeed on your first attempt don’t be afraid to keep trying. It can be refreshing to work with someone new. It can also help you to transform your look into something that you are very happy with.

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