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Dallas Hair Highlights and Lowlights

Hair Highlights and Lowlights Explained

Many women forget that there are a myriad of ways you can color your hair. Years ago, everyone did all-over color and some women still do, but taking advantage of the many hair color technologies available today at a Dallas Hair Salon can make your hair look current, fresh and fun. You might even look younger and we all know that’s always a good thing 🙂

What are highlights?

Most of us are at least somewhat familiar with the concept of highlights, but might not know exactly what highlights are.  In short, highlights can bring to your hair a fresh, lightened look.

When I give you highlights, I take sections of your hair and color them so they are at least two shades lighter than your natural hair color. Some of my clients like very mild highlights added, but highlights that are only one shade lighter than your natural color aren’t highlights at all and add little to the overall look of the hair.

Ideally, highlights are two to three shades lighter than your natural hair color because when you go two to three shades lighter, you ensure that there is contrast in the hair, but not so much contrast that it looks fake.

Highlights can be chunky or thin. If you want highlights that are natural looking and look almost as if the sun simply kissed bits of your hair with lightness, you want thin highlights and you should tell me this. I will take small sections of hair to highlight so they blend well with the rest of your natural hair.

If you want chunkier highlights that are dramatic looking and provide for wide streaks of lighter color, ask me to take bigger You  and I can work out this detail together, most experts agree that it’s best not to go more than three shades lighter than your regular hair color (whether that is your natural color or not) because the look might be too brassy or fake looking. But much depends on your comfort level and the natural color of your hair, so use my expertise here.

Highlights can be placed anywhere on the head, but they are usually focused on the top of the head and around the face since they bring a brightness to the face.

What are lowlights?

Lowlights are just as the name implies. These provide a darker contrast in your hair, and can be added instead of highlights, or can be added in conjunction with highlights for a more dramatic effect.

While most women have heard of highlights, many have not heard of lowlights and it’s a shame. Lowlights can do much to accent the color your hair and can be used in conjunction with highlights.

Lowlights are usually about two shades darker than your natural color, and can do much to make your existing hair color pop.
Lowlights don’t need to be repeated at each color session. You might be able to have two to three  visits with me before you need your lowlights touched up.

Highlights and lowlights together: The tri-color

Many times, highlights and lowlights are used together to create a fun and exciting look. This is often called a tri-color service because you have three colors in the hair – your natural hair, the highlights and the lowlights.

When you combine highlighting and lowlighting, you can create the most natural looking hair color. Because there is a blending of the natural with the highlights and the lowlights, most people won’t know you have any color in your hair at all. It will look like you have a natural mixed tonal quality to your hair which some women do have naturally. Because you and I can have control over the colors used, you can customize the shades of highlights and lowlights to your coloring and your tri-color result will likely be perfect for you.

Which Dallas Hair Salon Should do your Highlights and Lowlights?

Not all hairstylists are well versed in the art and science of hair color, so find a stylist who is. I am well trained at applying color and I take great pride in my coloring services. I can advise you about what the best color might be for your hair and can apply your highlights or lowlights with skill and passion.

Call the Uptown Hairstylist today! I’d be happy to explain both procedures to you and set an appointment for your service.

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