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2012 Fall and Winter Hair Color

2012 Fall and Winter Hair Color

The changes of the season always bring with it changes in hair color options. The colder time of the year is a time when colors will likely go darker than they are in the spring and the summer months. Everyone wants their hair to look amazing no matter what time of the year it happens to be.

For brunettes, creating a rich look with hair that is darker on the top and then lighter at the ends is a great option. While this isn’t a new color trend, it is one that works and there are plenty of variations that can be incorporated with it. Many women love the bright colors at the ends such as a purple or pink for fun and depth instead of the traditional natural hair colors. This can be a trendy appearance that helps them to feel confident and to get attention. Plus, there are celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Kelly Osborne that have this look becoming very well known.

For those clients that aren’t ready for something quite so dramatic, consider a deep brunette that will go to the roots and then some golden tones at the end that make it warm and allow it to give a warm overall look to it that is very natural and appealing. This can also make the hair look healthier.

This time of year can be perfect for some read hair coloring to work for clients. In the past, ruby reds that were very rich were population. This year, the trend is going to be less extreme and the focus will be on matching the red coloring to the skin tone of the client. Many people are excited about trying red themselves due to the popularity of the color on actress Emma Stone. Her color is very vibrant but you have to be careful as it isn’t right for everyone.

There are so many shades of blonde to consider, and the ash blonde is going to be explosive later this year. It offers a multi-dimensional look that is so easy to pull off. It works well on a variety of skin tones and types of hair styles too. The versatility of it is amazing and it can really help to bring out the natural beauty of the hair for a client.

Various Hair Needs and Services

Various Hair Needs and Services

Clients that have color in their hair provide you with many opportunities but sometimes challenges to help them achieve a particular look. There are many options including retouching or glazing. Of course you can give them a complete change with hair color and style too. Do what you can to gain the trust of the client so that they will trust you to do more and more. This benefits their hair and gives you a very happy client.

When you have a client that has virgin hair and they are thinking about a new color, you want to give them plenty of time. You need to take a look at their hair to make sure they don’t have dry ends. If they do, they should be trimmed. You also want to see if they have any white or gray hairs that you need to think about during the color processing. You want to provide a color that offers depth, shine, and that helps their hair to look very alive.

Many customers color their own hair at home to save time and money. What they don’t realize though is that the coloring can end up being unbalanced. The color can be too bright or it may not cover all of the hair. This is very true of the hair at the back of the head that someone can’t really see on their own. If that is the case, use a color that will even things up and also cover up any signs of white or gray.

When you get a client come in that already has hair color, they may just be asking you to cut their hair. However, you can also see there is some white or gray showing and they have visible regrowth. They may have hair that isn’t shiny anymore either. You can offer to give her a cut and to refresh her color to add more shine and to help with conditioning the hair. You can also cover up the gray or the white hair. If you don’t have time to do that for them, do only they cut but highly recommend the other services in a friendly manner and ask if you can schedule them another appointment to do it.

Hair that has been colored too light or that has too many highlights will look unnatural. It is likely to also be damaged from all of the processing. Offering color that looks appealing is important. The use of lowlights will also bring some luster to the hair color. Use products that can help with the damages and perhaps a new haircut can also help with removing plenty of the damaged hair so that it can grow back much healthier.

One of the things that customers won’t be happy with is their hair after they have had a full bleach job if it isn’t done correctly. It can be too light and not have any shading in it. You can help to refine the look by balancing it for them. Use toning to help create a dimensional look. You also want to use products that will seal in the shine as well as to condition the hair.

Genius Hair Color Tips that Work

Genius Hair Color Tips that Work

There are plenty of great ways to make sure the hair coloring tricks you use are effective and also to save time. The small details such as strand testing and the timing really do matter. As you learn the ins and outs, you will be more comfortable with performing such work for your clients.

There are various colors to select from, and the main thing you need to think about is the use of permanent coloring versus the use of demi colors. The demi colors can be perfect for someone that wants to blend in grays or to cover up a small amount of gray that they may have. Demi color is also going to cause less damage to the hair than permanent coloring. That is the main reason why many professionals recommend it over permanent coloring.

Don’t be in a rush when it comes to that processing time either. Even with the advanced technology, you need to allow the color the time it needs or you can reduce the outcome you and your client are interested in. Some of the issues that can come up are color that fades too soon. The darker the color is, the more likely that is to happen. You want to be known as a professional that can give customers great results every single time so give them the time that it takes – and that they deserve.

Foiling can help to create a wonderful hair color before you know it. The goal is to get that foil very close to the root – as close as you possibly can. Using a tail comb, you can slice or weave and then get that foil very snug with the scalp with your hands. It will get you closer than the comb, but you can rely on that comb to fold the foil once it is in place.

The consistency of the color is something often overlooked. It should be the same as peanut butter or honey. Take your time to make sure the color is applied where it should. When you use this consistency, you can also move some from one location to those where you may have identified some missing spots too.

Don’t forget the look you can create when you pay attention to the ends of the hair. Hand paint some of them after you have the foils in place. Focus on those around the face and use a variety of shades for the highlights. Go with a light color on the ends so that it offers both lift and toning.

When you have a client in your chair, they may decide they would like to add some highlights and you want to provide them. You have to decide if you have the time to successfully process them for her this time around and still stay on top of your other clients. If not, suggest that she book that procedure the next time so that you can give her the time necessary to get them looking amazing.

The Best Way to Offer Color Consultations

The Best Way to Offer Color Consultations

Offering color consultations to your clients or potential clients is very encouraging. In fact, if you go about it the right way, it will create a huge increase in business. Once a customer enjoys the color they will want to continue to get it touched up or they will want to change it up. The business will be there for both dramatic colors and subtle enhancements.

Keep in mind that the color of hair is very important to people, so they have to be able to trust you. They want a look that is inspiring and that they will love to see every time they look in the mirror. Take the time during the consolation to really be personal and professional. Be friendly, ask questions, offer options, and take the time to explain details. Don’t be a quick sales pitch that is memorized or they will leave disappointed.

You want the client to share as much information with you as possible, so asking open ended questions is a good idea. When people know that you are interested in them, they will open up and they will share what they like and don’t about their hair color.

Ask clients you color hair for if you can do before and after photos of them. Most will give you their consent so it won’t take look to build up such a portfolio. You can then use it to show new clients and this works better than just colors or those of celebrities from magazines.  Ask them to tell you what they like or don’t like about photos as they look through the images.

As clients talk to you, they are going to often talk about bad experiences and outcomes with hair color. If they have a great deal of anxiety, you need to get them to relax. Explain that you can start out slowly with a few highlights and lowlights to make positive changes that aren’t dramatic. As they gain trust in you over time, then they can ask for something more outside of their comfort zone.

For those clients that are ready to take a leap and go with a dramatic change, welcome the challenge. Let them know you are up for it and excited to be part of that experience with them. As they see your enthusiasm, it is going to encourage them to book that appointment to get it done!

Be honest about what you can and can’t do for any client. In the end, they do have the final say. For example, they may be asking for a color that you realize won’t work well for their skin and eye coloring. Explain to them why those shades aren’t the best choice and that will often get them to focus on something else that does work better for them.

If you can’t do what the client is asking, tell them. However, that can also be a perfect time to recommend them to another professional in the same salon that may be an expert at what they are looking for. They will appreciate your honesty!

Clients and their color

Clients and their color

These days, getting various colors in the hair is a common practice. These clients can easily bring in plenty more business and money for the salon too. However, you have to offer a variety of services including highlights, lowlights, glazing, and re-touching. There are also going to be those customers that are looking for a very dramatic change to their hair color. To encourage them to move forward with colors, you should be offering free consultations.

Taking the time to talk to a client about what they can achieve with their hair, sample colors, and the overall process will answer their questions. It can also help them to decide what is the best path for them to take when it comes to their hair coloring needs. For those that have never colored their hair before, you may want to offer them something shiny, lively, and that can help to cover up any gray they may be developing.

You will have the opportunity to offer something remarkable to those that do at home coloring too. What often happens is that their color is faded, uneven, or not as appealing as they would like it. They will quickly see the value of having a professional applying the right products for them and the difference it makes. Offering even coloring and the right combination of colors comes from expertise that the average do it yourself hair coloring kit won’t come with.

If you get a client in the salon that already has color but is just there for a haircut, encourage them to try some new things. Of course you only have them booked for the cut but you can be planting the seed of some new ideas for them. Next time perhaps they will book for a cut and a color – and that is what you want.

There are even color options for those that really want to remain a similar shade to their current hair color. Still, you can give them more shine and vibrancy with a range of highlights or lowlights that are very subtle. It simply takes hat they already have and makes it very intense and fresh. They will enjoy the way this type of color change works, and it will be stress free for those that aren’t ready for a dramatic change of coloring.

When you have a client with white hair, you want do what you can to brighten it up. The dullness of the white color is something that can be a challenge. However, you can use a good coloring that will reduce the gray look and offer great shine at the same time.

There is even help for those clients that have over processed their hair. They may have gone too light or added too many highlights. This makes it look dry, unnatural, and damaged. By going darker you can help to offer a balance. The use of lowlights will add dimension and overall make the hair appear more vibrant than before. There are plenty of options to give clients the look they love and to make you the top professional they turn to for it!

Solving the Top Color Challenges

Solving the Top Color Challenges

There are many challenges when it comes to hair coloring. Being able to solve them is very important though so that clients know that they can trust you to get the job done. There are a variety of factors that have to be taken into consideration for each person. The variety of condition of the hair, what the customer is looking for, the amount of upkeep, and even the products used on the hair all have to be taken into consideration.

Clients that don’t really tell you what they want can be a hard challenge. Never assume you know what they need when it comes to hair coloring. Ask open ended questions, make suggestions based on skin tone and eye color, and be patient. Try to reduce stress of the client and to help them achieve what they are really after.

For those that want to go with a color change that is very dramatic, they need to be prepared for the change. They may have dark hair and want to go light or the other way around. Getting the hair ready for it is very important so that the color looks natural. It also has to be processed timely so that it won’t fade too soon.

Eliminating brassy coloring from hair that is over processed is important. This often involves going darker. It also involves adding highlight tones and lowlights to add more dimensions and depth to the overall appearance of the hair. You may need to do a cut that will also eliminate areas of the hair that are dry.

Finding a color that will last and that the person will be happy with is very important. You need to make sure that you don’t do something extreme for a client that isn’t ready for it. You also need to read their emotions. If they are doing a dramatic hair change due to something wrong in their life it may not be something they love but turn out to be something they will regret. You want to give them time to think about it.

Don’t be shy about telling a customer that you don’t think a given color or look is right for their tone either. It is better to be up front with them about it and to softly and professionally give them that information than to color it and have them hate it. The last thing you want is your reputation as a professional to be tarnished because you didn’t have the initiative to tell them what you should have.

Do all you can to stay on top of the new fads and methods of hair color too. Being able to offer more services will bring you a spectrum of clients. It will also allow you to continue to have something fresh and great to deliver to your loyal clients that have been coming to you for a long time. They already trust what you can do and they will be willing to try something new without too much hesitation.

Successfully Covering up the Gray

Successfully Covering up the Gray

When it comes to covering up the grays, you have plenty of options. However, you do want your efforts to reap the very best results possible. You may be feeling self-conscious about the color of your hair right now but that is all about to change! You do want to make sure you get even coverage though. This can be a bit tricky as you may not be getting gray evenly! Many people experience it in certain areas of their hair more than others. It is more common for the front of the hair to have gray than the back.

It is a good idea to identify those locations of the hair where your gray is the most dominant. Those are the regions where you want to start. You can also get the most benefit by leaving the color on the hair for a period of time that is at least 35 minutes, but strive to leave the color on for up to 45 minutes.

Once the coloring has been done to remove the gray, it is best not to shampoo the hair for about 48 hours. This will help to prevent the color from fading. It is a good idea to find out the pH balance of the shampoo and conditioner products to be used as well. They should be 4.5 pH or 5.5 pH.

Men should use a demi- permanent coloring as it won’t lift. Men don’t want to have the warmer tones there as it will show that the coloring is being done. Demi allows the gray to blend in with the other colors so that it looks natural. Guys that take the time to remove the gray really will appreciate this!

A lowlight service may be just what you need to look 5 years longer in no time at all! This involves using an ash shade that is the same as that of the customer’s natural coloring. This does allow the blending to occur and it is also a great first step for those that aren’t sure yet that they would like to fully remove all of their gray.

Don’t be shy about talking to your professional hair stylist about covering up the gray for you. Tell them that you are self-conscious about it and they can give you options to make you feel better and look quite attractive.  By doing so you can decide if you would like to blend the gray or completely cover it up.  It depends on how dramatic of a change the client is really after.

Keeping gray can actually be a great way to look mature. Some people have the right eye and skin colors to make this work very well and be quite lovely. The key though is to prevent it from being white and dingy due to lifestyle and even the environmental factors. The right colors can help to make gray beautiful! The right products for after can also play a vital role in the look from day to day.

Dallas Salon Professional Hair Coloring

Dallas Salon Professional Hair Coloring

Dallas Salon Professional Hair Coloring

Changing the color of your hair is a fun process that can really change your overall appearance. Some of my Dallas clients have had the same hair color for years before coming to Muse Salon to try something new. There are lots of options available to them with delightful shades of all colors ranging from very light to very dark. Booking a consultation at a Dallas salon can help you to achieve a look that shines and looks sensational.

Sure, you can buy over the counter products at your local drug store to color your hair at home but they are not the best option. They tend to make the hair dry and brittle due to the harsh chemicals in them. In addition most people do not understand the tones and shades to select for their complexion either. As a result they can end up with brassy tones and even orange when they wanted some blonde. Trust me I am no stranger to coloring my hair in the bathroom sink……I did it for years!

Visiting a professional hair colorist like myself at a Dallas salon will eliminate such unhappy endings to your changing of hair color. I can offer you solutions that you may not have been thought of. For example, additional of highlights and lowlights to give you a very compelling look. When the sun or any lighting at all reflects off of those different colors it gives an amazingly enhanced appearance.

If you are looking for a color that is very different from your natural color I can help you with that process. For example you cannot just go from black to blonde in one visit. There has to be additional steps along the way that only a salon stylist can do for you. The same is true if you are attempting to go from blonde to red.

If you are looking for dramatic changes such as part of the hair one color and the rest another it can be a fun experience. For example a dark base and then blonde over the top layers of the hair. They make a great contrast and a look that is unique. With a visit to Muse salon this will look very nice rather than dull and like it was done by a novice…..no offense 🙂

There are chunking options too if you are want something bold but not something that takes you too far out of your element either. I can put coloring on chunks of color in the hair. They contrast very nicely with the other color of the hair. Strategically placing the chunked areas of hair and selecting the right colors is the key though to making this type of look work.

There is also the option of me putting in hair extensions for you of different colors at the salon. This will look like your regular hair so only you will know that it isn’t. This is a fun way to get more volume or longer locks of hair for you to enjoy. It is also a great way for you to change your look in very little time. Check out the section of the website with information on Klix Hair Extensions. They even have a very wide variety of colors to choose from and I can have them shipped in 24 hrs to Dallas. Hair Color is too important to trust to just anyone, so find the Dallas Salon that can do it correctly for you every single time. Stop messing around with you color! Give me a call and book an appointment today. Talk to you soon…….


Different Types of Blondes

Different Types of Blondes

What are the Different Types of Blondes

If you want your hair to be blonde this summer in Dallas you will have to be more specific than that! Today there are so many shades of blonde out there that it can be tough. Don’t worry though, as your hairstylist I can show you samples of the different ones. You do have to be careful though because you don’t want to accidentally ask for the wrong shade of blonde. If you do then you may not be happy with the outcome. Here are some of the types of blondes that you can consider.

Platinum is a very white shade of blonde and it is the lightest of all colors offered. A cream blonde is still very white and light but it isn’t as light as the platinum. It offers a hue that is creamy and has more depth to it. Ash blonde is a very popular shade and it offers a white base. The under and over tones are ash and this is what creates a very lovely color presentation.

Golden blonde is the shade that people tend to prefer. That is because it is very shiny in the sunlight and makes the hair look very pretty. This shade of blonde tends to work very well on many skin colors and for all ages of women too. Honey blonde has become increasingly popular and it is a bit darker than the golden blonde. The over and under tones that are darker blend very nicely.

Sandy blonde has some light brown in it. This is a color that is similar to what people naturally have. Yet if there are some highlights and lowlights in it then it won’t look dull or boring. It is also a great shade for those with naturally dark brown or black hair that want to go with something lighter.

Strawberry blonde has become something fun for younger generations to display. This can be light or medium in color. The under and over tones can range from a very light pink to various hues of red. Sometimes melon coloring is used to create a new look too.

If you are looking for a darker shade of blonde hair caramel may be very nice. However, this is a look that not everyone has the right skin tone or complexion for. If you have very soft and smooth skin it can work well. Otherwise it can result in all of the blemishes being more noticeable.

Toffee Blonde is a great look that just about anyone can wear. This offers a golden blonde that is darker than the traditional look. The over and under tones are chestnut and that blends together to make a very beautiful look that is striking and sensual at the same time.

As your  hairstylist I can talk to you about the right shades of blonde that would work well for you. Both your skin tone and the color of your eyes will influence what looks great and what falls flat. We can also talk to you about using a single blonde color or going with highlights and lowlights to create an elaborate look that is spectacular. Call me today to book an appointment at Muse Salon. I am more than happy to sit down with you and my color book to go over your options.

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What is a Professional Hair Colorist

What is a Professional Hair Colorist

What is a Professional Hair Colorist?

A professional hair colorist is someone that specializes in the art of creating lovely looking hair. Instead of being trained in many different areas of styling and cutting they are focused in this main category. You may find that many salons now have them but fortunately for you I do them all. With me you do not need a hairstylist to cut and maintain your hair and a hair color expert to give you the gorgeous color you seek.

Experience is very important for a professional hair colorist to have. I have a solid understanding of skin tones, colors that work well with others, and how to transform a look. I have an understanding of the various shades of colors and how to blend them using highlights and lowlights.

An expert colorist can make strands look sporadic in terms of coloration or they can make it look uniform. I can offer chunks of color on the hair that are very bold or those that add definition and enhance the regular color of the hair. I can offer colors that work best to cover up white or gray colors that a person may naturally be getting as they age.

There are always new trends and ideas coming out in the area of hair coloring. A professional continues to update their resume and experience by going to shows and attending classes. I have the ability to offer cutting edge color procedures so that clients can get something timeless or trendy.

A professional hair colorist is also able to help with corrections. Perhaps you have done your own hair color at home and it came out lets just say not right. You may have gone to a  hairstylist and you aren’t happy at all with the color. I can help you to get the right color without any risk of further damage to your hair.

Education is offered by professional hair colorist too. I can explain to clients why a given color procedure won’t work for them or what they would recommend. I can also share information with the best way to care for color treated hair. By following their guidelines you can make your hair color last longer and prevent dulling.

You can schedule a consultation with me a Muse Salon in Dallas to see what I can offer you. This time can be spent talking about what you want and what you don’t want in terms of your hair color. I can show you photos of what I would recommend for your hair. I can show you samples of the finished look and also evaluate photos that you bring along with you. You can ask questions too so that you can be confident with what you are about to have done to your hair.

The help of a hair colorist can help you get the terrific color of hair you want. It may be a subtle change from what you have right now or something very extravagant. It can be fun to try new colors and styles and knowing you are in good hands will help you to give the green light for it to happen. Call me today 🙂


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