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Kelly Ripa Removes Halo Hair Extensions on TV

Kelly Ripa Removes Halo Hair Extensions on TV

Kelly Ripa Removes Halo Hair Extensions on TV

Kelly Ripa is a well known morning TV personality. She is also known for adding excitement to the show, which is why so many tune in on a regular basis. She is also quite beautiful, with hair that is long, flowing and full of volume. Many people did not know that she had hair extensions, until she recently took some out on air. This is a feat that many would be afraid to do. It only further shows that Ripa is confident in who she is and that she knows how to grasp the attention of the audience successfully. The reasons that Ripa’s Halo hair extensions are hard to distinguish as not being her own hair are they are made from real human hair and is attached to her head with a thin “halo”. They also need to be customized for the individual which makes them a little on the expensive side as far as DIY hair extension applications go.

From what  I can gather the Hair Extension piece she showed on TV is called TryBeautyFalls from Ryan Trygstad a NYC celebrity  Hairstylist.  These Halo extensions are held in place by a transparent strand that has hair attached and goes around the crown of your head. This allows the hair extensions to stay secure without glue or clips. I unsuccessfully tried to find a website that sold these pieces online but read that TryBeautyFalls start at $475 before being customized to match the wearer’s style and color. Don’t worry there are many options for those of you that would like to purchase and wear this type of extension. You call roll the dice and buy from a highly regarded seller on Ebay. I have not personally tried them but halohairextensions.com in the UK looks like a very solid online company with lots of positive reviews on their Halos. Or you can check a Hair Extension Salon in your city. In Dallas I offer my clients Balmain Hair’s “Hair Dress” another brand that uses this halo type of adhesion. I customize these in the salon and my clients can remove or re-apply and style at home in under 5 minutes.

Many people were on edge 12/21/12 anyway with all of the rumors of the world coming to an end according to the Mayan calendar. Kelly Ripa stated in her show that with the end of the world approaching, why not take out her hair extensions? She was told not to by one of the show producers, but just smiled and took out a piece anyway. She gave it to her co-host, Michael Strahan. Removing her Halo hair extensions was not just for Ripa to get attention though. She was making a point to show some love and support for various women in Hollywood who have lost hair or gone bald. The audience responded very favorably to her tactics, and her self confidence to do this on TV with millions of viewers tuned in. If you missed the episode, you may be disappointed. Don’t worry though as there are numerous video clips of it all over the internet. You can watch yourself to see how it all unfolds as Ripa removes her hair extensions!

Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions

Human Hair Extensions

Learning the facts about 100% human hair extensions is important if you are considering them. You definitely want to make sure you have quality in place and that you get the best possible results. What you will find is that there are plenty of variety in terms of quality and pricing. Your best course of action may be to buy them directly from a credible stylist than on your own. There is a very good chance they have already been exploring options, worked with various brands, and they know where to get a great deal.

Keep in mind that cost is a factor to consider. Don’t save a few bucks on a lower quality product though and then hate the way your hair extensions look. On the other side of it, don’t pay top dollar and then realize you could have achieved the same results by paying far less. Exploring where the hair pieces come from, how they are made, and the reputation of the brand is all going to get you pointed in the right direction.

Even the origin of the hair is something that matters a great deal. Chinese hair is very thick and coarse. It has fibers that are naturally straight. The color is typically going to be dark in color with various shades of brown or black. This type of origin is generally considered to be very good and the hair extensions to be durable. They are also going to be more affordable so that may be something to consider if you are budgeting the cost.

They are easily mass produced which is part of why they are lower cost. They also seem to be easily in supply so you aren’t going to be told that the stylist can’t get them. They are considered to be among the strongest of all types of human hair. They are able to stand up to various chemicals of products you use for your hair and to processing for tools you use to style your hair.

Indian Hair
Another option that is very common is the use of Indian hair. It can be found with a variety of textures including straight and wavy. It is high quality and low cost. It is very popular and there never seems to be a shortage of it. This type of hair seems to hold up well to chemicals and to processing as well.

European Hair
One of the perks of this type of hair extension is the wide range of colors offered. It is available in straight, wavy, or curly options. The most common colors are light browns and various shades of blonde.

You also want to look at the overall grade of the hair extensions. This is the state of the fibers and overall quality that it offers. The higher grades don’t have cuticle layers that have been altered by chemicals. They will also look more natural and last longer so it is worth the extra cost.

Should I use Clip in Hair Extensions

Should I use Clip in Hair Extensions

Should I use Clip in Hair Extensions?

A common type of hair extension to consider is the clip in type. They are a good option for someone with not much to spend. They are also a great option if you don’t want the long term commitment of other methods. Plus, they work well for a one time event where you want to change your hair appearance. They aren’t recommended for those with fine hair though as it is very difficult to keep the clips hidden.

Clip in hair extensions get removed the same day. You don’t sleep in them. They take from 5 to 10 minutes for each section to be secured in place. You can do it at home or you can have it done professionally in a salon. There are big pieces that you can add or there are strands that consist of 200 to 300 individual strands that can be secured. It all depends on what look you want to achieve.

Avoid Synthetic
When it comes to achieving a remarkable look with clip in hair extensions, you need to avoid using synthetic hair. While real human hair costs more, it is the only way to go. Otherwise, you will have a hard time making your hair style look natural and your self confidence is going to waiver. Real hair also has a very nice touch to it.

The grade of the hair is important too. The better the grade is the better the clip in hair extensions are going to look. You can choose the color you want, the length, and even if you want straight or curly hair. This is your chance to get the hair look you have always wanted!

Explore the Options
Quality is very important when it comes to clip in hair extensions. You want them to look natural. You also want to check the types of clips that they come with. They need to be something you feel confident will remain in place.  You also want to make sure the types of clips aren’t going to cause damage to your real hair. If you are going to apply the clip in hair extensions on your own, practice!

Self Application
See how long it takes for you to put them in and what you think of them. Wear them around the house for a day, doing your chores and other activities. Did they remain in place like you thought? This is important as you don’t want to be out for a fun night but focused on your hair extensions. You need to be confident they look amazing and they will be staying in place until you return home to take them out.

Professional Application
Within a couple of hours, you can have clip in hair extensions professionally applied. This will cost more but it may give you significantly better results than you can get at home on your own. Some salons even rent the extensions so if you don’t plan to use them on a regular basis that is something to consider.

Methods for Hair Extension Application

Methods for Hair Extension Application

Methods for Hair Extension Application

If you are interested in getting hair extensions, you need to realize that you have several options when it comes to how they will be applied. The methods vary in terms of the cost, the time involved, the upkeep, and even the finished results you will get. Exploring the options can help you to select the one that is right for you. Some of them you can do at home yourself but for the best results, you want to have the hair extensions applied by a trusted professional.

The process of bonding is one of the fastest methods offered for applying hair extensions. The use of glue allows the weft to be applied to the hair. This is a temporary type of application rather than permanent. When you wash your hair, it will come out. You can also select strand by strand bonding. This allows you to get a bundle of 200 to 300 hairs. You will use a ring to close them instead of glue. They last for about 3 months.

With fusion, there is glue used that is already attached to the hair. A heating iron is used to melt the tip and then to mold the hair extension successfully to the person’s real hair. This method can be done at home if you are careful.

Hair Closure
To complete the overall desired look from a weave, you can use a hair closure. One of the perks is that it will make your hair extensions look very natural. The hair closure is handmade and has a base made from mesh or skin. It allows your hair line to look very nice. This isn’t a type of application you want to do on your own.

Lace Font Wigs
Another option for a natural look is to get a lace front extension. It is far less expensive than going to a stylist to weave them in. Many celebrities wear them to help create a natural looking hair line. This can be a fun and no obligation method to try if you are unsure about a commitment with hair extensions.

Skin Extensions
This is a very natural looking method and it is becoming increasingly popular. There is a Polyurethane base that is attached with various types of tape. The tape is clear and double sided. Once it is secured to the real hair, a flat iron is used to successfully seal it in place.

The most common method of applying hair extensions is weaving. This involves a specialized needle. It involves creating a thin braid across the head and then the hair extension will be sown onto it. This offers a permanent hair extension until it is removed. Twice a week it should be washed. Weaving can be expensive due to the amount of time it takes to get the work done. It can take up to 6 hours. It is also necessary to have maintenance done every 6 to 8 weeks. Proper care of the extensions between those times is vital or they can get tangled and damage your real hair.

Different types of Hair Extensions

Different types of Hair Extensions

Different types of Hair Extensions


Strand by Strand Extensions

This is a good option for someone that has natural hair which is thin or fine. They are also a good option for someone with hair that is damaged or dry. These extensions are offered in 100 strand locks and made from human hair. They get secured in place at the top of the head through the use of a cap made from keratin protein polymer.

Each of the caps will be secured to your own hair at the scalp. This process usually takes from 50 to 100 pieces. It depends on the length and thickness of your hair now and what finished results you would like to see. The process of applying these strand by strand extensions ranges from 2 to 4 hours.

For the best results, you need to use a shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t contain silicone. Try to avoid getting conditioner where they are bonded and focus on the ends only. Brush them twice a day with a paddle brush to eliminate tangles. They should last about 4 months, but you should see your stylist after 2 months for maintenance. Removal involves the use of an alcohol based solution to dissolve the bonds. Then the extensions can gently be taken out by hand.

Weave Hair Extensions

This is a good option for those with textured hair that wish to add volume or length. It is also an option for someone that wants to change the texture of their hair. It isn’t going to work well for those with flat or fine hair. You also have to know you can’t wash your hair more than once a week. Otherwise, it will result in the weave not looking natural.

There is a partial and a full weave to choose from. With a partial weave, there are several tight braids created along the scalp. A needle is used to secure a weft to the braid. The process is similar with a full weave but all of the hair is tightly braided in many small braids. This process can take from 3 to 6 hours.

Routine maintenance is very important. This involves having the braids tightened every 6 to 8 weeks. It also requires the weft to be removed every 4 months for washing by the stylist. This type of hair extension can last a full year if taken care of well.

Clip in Hair Extensions

If your desire to have longer or fuller hair is temporary, consider clip ins. They work well for most types of hair. The extension is for those with fine hair as it is very hard for them to hide the clips successfully. There are plenty of choices in this category. They include small pieces or wide ones. They also vary significantly in length.

Securely clip the pieces under the top layer of your hair in order to conceal that you have them. This process takes about 5 to 10 minutes. You can wash them as you like and also style them. There are those made from real human hair and those that are synthetic. It isn’t recommended to sleep with them in. There are salons in Dallas that will rent them to you for a day so that you can get the look you want for a special occasion.

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Can Hair Extensions Help me get the Look I want?

Many women want their hair to be longer and fuller. They want to be able to have the current trends reflected in their hairstyle. This is why hair extensions are very popular in Hollywood and with Dallas women. To get the look you want, you have to do your homework. You need to make sure you get the right type of hair extensions and that they are properly applied. When done correctly, it will take time but it won’t hurt.

What do you Wish to Achieve?

  • Think about what you want from hair extensions to get the most from them. Do you only want length? Are you after volume? Do you want both?
  • How long do you want your hair to be? If you have very short hair, you can add many inches to it with hair extensions. If you have shoulder length hair, you can rely on extensions to get you something long and flowing.
  • Do you want a delightful up do? Hair extensions can be curled, braided, and much more. They can even help you to get a very nice looking pony tail in place.

It isn’t going to be cheap for you to buy good quality hair extensions. The quality of what they are made of, the length and even the method used for securing them in place all affect price. Don’t go with cheap hair extensions that could look terrible once they are in. You want a nice appearance that appears natural.

A big part of the cost is for them to be properly applied. This can take up to 6 hours initially. Keep in mind that you will also need to schedule regular maintenance. This is typically going to occur every 6 to 8 weeks and take an hour or so.

Finding a Stylist
Look at lots of photos and take along with you what you want your look to be for the stylist to review. Find out how long they have been working with hair extensions. Inquire about any before and after photos they may have of the work they have completed too. Find out what the extensions they offer are made from. Some are 100% natural from human hair while others are synthetic.

They should be able to offer you a variety of weights too. This will influence the overall fullness and look of them. Ask about how the hair extensions will be applied and how they will eventually be removed.

Possible Problems
Knotting and tangling can occur with hair extensions. Make sure you follow the instructions given to you. This includes using a mild shampoo, the right type of brush, putting your hair up before you sleep, and keeping those maintenance appointments.

When you are ready for your hair extensions to be taken out, you need to be careful. Your real hair could be damaged from them. Even some of the top celebrities out there have had problems with weak hair or bald spots.

Blonde hair extensions

Blonde hair extensions

Blonde hair extensions

Blonde hair extensions are among the more popular colors ordered from me in Dallas. There is no denying that nothing turns heads here like shiny blonde hair. Dallas has a lot of blondes with thin or fine hair. Sure, she has the Dallas blonde color but not the texture. However, with the use of hair extensions it can all be successfully transformed into long full beautiful hair without any hassles or problems.

The Blonde hair extensions I carry comes with a lot of variety. You can go with a very white color that is called platinum. There are shades of golden blonde as well as those that are darker with some undertones of brown in them. You may want to get hair extensions that match your natural blonde. You can also choose to get others colors to create an entirely new look.

Many of the blonde hair extension packages allow you to have a variety of shades as well. This can create an appearance that is deeply enhanced. The appearance of highlights and lowlights though is something that you simply can’t pass up. It gives your hair a nice look that will work well for your daily routine as well as when you have special occasions.

You can add a little bit of length or a lot of it with hair extensions. If you have short hair they can offer you a way to get longer locks rapidly. If you have shoulder length hair you can add even more to the overall length of it with the right blonde hair extensions. You get to be in complete control of how your hair with look, but there are unlimited options to consider.

Do you want straight or curly hair? With hair extensions you can also control that factor. Perhaps you already have straight hair but it is thin and fine that you feel it is hard to control. It goes limp when it is down and when you put it up then it loses shape fast. You can create a dynamic look though with it straight when you have blonde hair extensions.

If you have curly hair you may not realize the full potential of it. With those blonde hair extensions you can create some fun looks. Don’t let your curls be in control, shape them. With more volume you will be able to really enjoy everyday looks as well as those that you are able to create for special occasions.

Volume is a big part of what you can get with hair extensions. If you suffer from thin hair then it is hard to cover it up with such a light color. With hair extensions though you can have all over volume. You won’t have to stick with styles that allow you to cover up thin areas. You also won’t be self conscious about the way your hair looks.

When it comes to hair extensions in Dallas you have plenty of options. The brands I carry at Muse Salon are made from real human hair. Call and book a free consultation with me and I can show you some Klix or Hairdreams pieces so you can evaluate the overall quality of each. In addition during your consultation I will go over the application method, discuss how long they last, the upkeep involved and the pricing. After this you will be armed with more than enough information to make the right decision. I look forward to hearing from you soon 🙂

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Cheap Hair Extensions

Cheap Hair Extensions

Cheap Hair Extensions

You have to be very careful when it comes to buying cheap hair extensions in Dallas. If you do so, you will likely regret what the results are. Too often they just are not well made and so they don’t last. Many of them don’t even look like real hair so it is a dead give away to everyone that sees your extensions when they do not look like a natural extension on your own hair. If you are going to gain such poor results then there is really no point in doing it at all. I hurts my eyes when I see girls walking around with cheap hair extensions in Dallas. I just want to run up hand them my card and save them 🙂

However, before you toss in the towel and say you really can’t afford to pay for expensive hair extensions you need some additional information. Klix hair extensions offer you a look that is fantastic and they offer high quality. Yet they are very cheap hair extensions in terms of cost.

One of the reasons why they are more affordable is that they are offered by professionals and has to do with the fact that they are easier and faster to install than other brands. Since they take the us hairstylists less time to install you won’t pay as much. Keep in mind that a big portion of what the we charge for hair extensions is for our time. If we need 1 hour to put in your Klix hair extensions compared to 4 hours for others then it is going to save us time and save you money.

The other value is that Klix hair extensions are able to last longer than others. You can go for up to 6 weeks without touch ups versus 4 weeks. I will be able to do your touch ups in about 10 or 20 minutes and then you are on your way. You can also get up to three colors in a single package, without the cost skyrocketing. Many of my Dallas clients love to have multiple colors in their hair and this brand understands that.

Klix is proud to always use 100% human hair too so that they look real and amazing. In fact, no one is going to know you are wearing them unless you want to share that secret with them. Otherwise people are just going to think you have some of the best looking hair they have ever seen.

If you want to get your hands on some great quality hair extensions, Klix offers you some of the best out there. You won’t have to pay a fortune to be able to get them either. Don’t allow another day to go along without hair extensions if you really want them. Give this brand a try- you won’t be disappointed.

There is no reason that cheap hair extensions in Dallas have to be cheap in terms of quality. Not when you know what to reach for. You shouldn’t compromise the outcome you want or have a mess with glue and adhesives to enjoy hair extensions. Klix is one of the brands out there that I Firmly believe can offer top quality at a very reasonable price. With that in mind, start looking around my website to see what they offer you and give me a call to put you on the books for a FREE consultation at Muse Salon, Remember cheap hair extensions in Dallas do not really have to be cheap or cheap looking.

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Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions

Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions

Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions

One of the remarkable features about Jessica Simpson that women seem to love so much is her hair. It looks thick, full, and she has versatility so that the style is always changing with it. Part of the reason that she is able to offer such amazing hair has to do with the fact that she wears hair extensions and is originally from Dallas HA 🙂

If you would love to get that same look you can as Simpson is now offering her own line of fabulous hair extensions at a bunch of retail outlets and Hair Salons in Dallas . Its called Hairdo by Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves and they are quality made, feel great, and will allow you to get that transformation for your own hair that you have seen in hers. Now you can feel like a million bucks instead of just wishing you had great hair like she does.

There are various types of hair extensions that her line offers. They include clip in extensions, those made from 100% human hair, and different types of hair pieces. As you evaluate your own hair needs you can decide which of them would be the right choice for you. Perhaps you are interested in covering up thinning hair or you may be more interested in a longer length.

If you are a fan of Jessica Simpson then you already know that she has been known to wear her hair both straight and wavy. The hair extensions she offers give you those choices too. You can get a 23 inch wavy clip in, 25 inch layered straight clip in, 20 inch soft waves clip in, or 22 inch straight clip in. All of them are one piece so they are very simple to put in.

For a fun and exciting change to your normal hairstyle you may want to consider her clip in hair bands. They are perfect for those styles when you want them to be there on your forehead. Yet you don’t want to cut your hair to have them all the time. The wrap around ponytail extension is fun and gives you lots of volume with your up do. There is also the bump up pony tail that lies further down on the nape of the neck. This is offered as a straight hair look or a wavy hair look.

Those are all forms of her hair extension line that you will be able to put in on your own. If you want to have hair extensions that are secured into your head with adhesive, glue or tape you can have them put in by a professional hairstylist. You will find that many Hair Salons in Dallas are using the Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions line. They find them to be a decent enough quality, affordable, and they also offer clients a different look that they really enjoy.

With Jessica Simpson hair extensions you can look like a celebrity. You won’t have to spend a fortune for hair that looks natural either. There is no denying that her hair is exceptional and now you know why. With that secret in your own hands you have the power to create any look and style you want with your hair from now on. I do not carry this brand at Muse Salon but I get so many inquiries that I figured that it would add some value to my website if I posted this. If after doing your research you find yourself looking for a more permanent solution please do not hesitate to call me to schedule a FREE consultation for Klix or Hairdreams Hair Extensions.

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Hair Extensions Prices

Hair Extensions Prices

Hair Extensions Prices

Before you buy hair extensions in Dallas you need to take a long hard look at the prices and what your options are. Usually part of the price you will pay for them has to do with the time it takes us put them in. That is why a weave set up design is going to cost you more than products having to be glued, clipped, taped, fused in or that have an adhesive.

The brand of Hair Extensions also determines part of that overall price. Yet this can be misleading as some brands are very expensive due to the power of the marketing machine behind their name. They know that consumers will automatically think they are bigger and better based on the fact that they have to pay more for them. Take Klix Hair Extensions into consideration for example. They are moderately priced as far as hair extensions go but they are one of the best out there in terms of overall quality so don’t rule them out based on the cost.

Clip in hair extensions are the most affordable in Dallas. Not only do they cost very little but you can put many of the types in on your own. Please be careful in trying to eliminate the cost of the hairstylist and the trip to the Hair Salon. You want to make sure that the hair extensions will be secure, in place correctly, and to get magnificent looks you will want to have a professional hairstylist put them in for you.

When it comes to hair extension prices in Dallas you have to really look at more than just that dollar amount though. You want to consider the overall quality of the product that you will have in your hair. Some of the products are made from synthetics but trust me you want to find a hair salon that carries real human hair extensions. Look for the prices that offer great value, look amazing, and will stay securely in your hair.

The cost of the hairstylist visit at the salon can vary too when we install hair extensions for you. Some of us charge a great deal for our time and others don’t. You should check around to see what the going rate happens to be in your location. A head of Hair Extensions will certainly cost more in Dallas when compared to the prices that you can get them for in Ft Worth. You can also ask your hairstylist if they offer extensions. You would be surprised at how many hairstylists in Dallas offer hair extensions but because their marketing material is not clearly displayed their clients are none the wiser. If they do. ask them to show you photos of before and after so that you know what you have in store for your overall look when they are done. Of course if they don’t please pick up the phone and call me to schedule a FREE consultation at Muse Salon.

Another element of hair extensions that you need to think about in terms of pricing has to do with the upkeep of them With some hair extensions you need to have them maintained every 4 weeks. With other brands though you need to have them maintained every 6 weeks and that can save you money. In a 3 month period you would cut out 1 session and that will save you both time and money if you get those hair extensions that last longer.

Take your time to find the price and overall benefits that are right for you. Don’t assume that you can’t afford to have fantastic hair though with the use of great hair extension products. The main takeaway from this post is that I do not only want you to focus on price. Make sure that you understand the different methods of installing and maintenance. Lastly, I always let my Dallas clients know up front exactly how much they would have to pay have them put in and how much they can expect to pay to keep them maintained.

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