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Jennifer Aniston Hair

Jennifer Aniston Hair

Jennifer Aniston Hair

Jennifer Aniston may be a well known actress, but her hair has also earned her celebrity status. When she started on the hit show Friends women were flocking to their hairstylists begging for the same cut and color. She has become an icon on what it is to have amazing looking hair. Even today in Dallas more of my clients ask for the Jen look than any other celebrity

The fact that her hair always looks great, it is a simple style, and it gets the attention of women of all ages is very interesting. Most men agree that they love to see a woman with this type of style as well. It makes her look attractive, fun, and mysterious all at the same time.

What is it about Jennifer Aniston hair that people want? First, the style is something that is timeless. It isn’t something that is trendy today but then tomorrow it is gone. Second, it is a style that a woman can do on her own. Nothing is worse than when your hair looks fabulous at the salon. Yet the next day when you attempt to do it on your own you don’t get any results like that.

Women want a versatile look that is full of body and that is exactly what this style offers. Jennifer Aniston hair offers a look that is right for people with all facial shapes too. That is good news because too often a hair style only looks great on a certain type of facial shape such as heart or oval.

Women of all ages can enjoy this look. This is because it looks just as good on a woman of 20 as it does on a woman of 40. The color of her hair is something that woman want too. It is a mixture of highlights and lowlights that look natural and very nice. Her hair is shiny and gorgeous and that is something women want to have.

There is also the factor that you can’t help but enjoy Aniston as a person and a celebrity. She seems always have the right clothing on and be in the right place. She has been in many great movies with top actors including Adam Sandler recently. She is on the talk shows and very open and honest about who she is and what she wants.

The fact that she was once married to Brad Pitt doesn’t hurt her status either. She has only further become enduring to fans too due to how she handled their split up and his relationship with Angelina Jolie. Women want to have hair that is similar to someone that they respect and admire. Jennifer Aniston has certainly filled those shoes well.

Whether you prefer longer or shorter Jennifer Aniston style hair, there is no denying that it has transformed the trends out there. You will find that her looks have changed over the years but that all of them have been a huge hit! Hairstylists everywhere still get asked to cut, color and style hair like hers. Some people are asking for her older style but many want the chic look she has right now. Bring as many pictures as you want and come see me at Muse Salon.

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Barbarella Hair

Barbarella Hair

Barbarella Hair

Barbarella hair the original Texas Big Hair was very popular in the 1960’s and it is quickly becoming popular in Dallas right now. This look features very full hair that is shiny and vibrant. It is one of the top cuts that hairstylists in the Salon are being asked to create for their clients. The bangs are long and moved to the side for this type of style. A flat iron can help them to sit perfectly and to be blended with the rest of the hair.

In order to obtain Barbarella hair you need your hair to be at least shoulder length. If it isn’t you may want to consider hair extensions to get it long enough. Then the hair is cut in long layers around the top to give it the volume that is needed. The use of a  blow dryer and volumizing products are next. The hair will be blown out from the roots so that there is plenty of volume.

The hair can be curled, teased, or combed to get the desired look. Finishing spray that will hold it in place and offer shine is next. The Barbarella hairstyle is fun and one that allows a woman to be very creative. This is a great way to experiment with various styling products and tools.

You can look at photos online too for Barbarella hair. As you see them you can get a good idea of the looks you would like to try. For work you may go with a straight look that is full of volume. For a night out though adding some curl can be what you need to feel sexy and to change up the look.

However, I can give you some tricks of the trade to help you out. For example if you have fine hair you may think you can’t go with this look. By using some texturizing cream though before you blow dry you will be able to get the volume you want.

You should also talk to me about the best shampoo and conditioner products to use. Keep in mind that when you create the Barbarella look you will be using heat and products on your hair routinely. That can take a toll on your hair and cause damage. The right cleaning products though will help to keep your hair looking fantastic.

In the past people have always thought of Barbarella hair being something to do with blonde hair. That has to do with the icon photos of Jane Fonda with that look in the 1960’s. However, this is a style that you can feel confident in regardless of what color your hair happens to be. Allow your wild side to be free with this fun and amazing look!

You will notice that many celebrities and models are wearing Barbarella hair again too. This is a great trend so experiment and see what your options are in terms of your own hair. Schedule an appointment with me at Muse Salon to see what I can do to help you transform your current look.


What is a Chignon

What is a Chignon

What is a Chignon?

A Chignon is a type of updo for women that is simple yet elegant at the same time. It is a type of look that many celebrities have been known to wear for special events. It is also a common type of hairstyle for women when they go to a formal event. The process involves the hair first being curled. Then it is tucked under to give a very full look that is gorgeous.

To keep the hair in place pins are used to secure it. To help the Chignon to look uniform it is necessary for the pins to be the color of the hair. For example using black ones for dark hair and then light colored ones for lighter colors. There are also decorative pins that you can consider if you want to add another dimension to the overall look.

The result is a look that is rolled and that can really help someone to look sophisticated. The sides of the hair are usually pulled back and then the Chignon is loose at the nape of the neck. For women who have long bands this look is one that allows more of their facial features to be identified.

For those that have bands they can be curled under or they can be swept to the side. The idea though is that the back of the hair is what will be the most impressionable. Some women allow wisps of hair to flow from the sides and to be gently in place. They are styled that way even though it looks quite natural.

It can be tough to do the Chignon on your own hair so cone see me at Muse Salon. If you do plan on doing it yourself, it is a good idea to practice it often before the event you plan to wear your hair for. The more you do it the easier it will be come. Make sure you wear it for a full day too so you can ensure it is going to stay. You don’t want to worry about the hair coming out of the pins before your event is over.

Many of my Dallas clients come to me when its special event time to to have the Chignon done. They can relax and have someone me on it for them. With a mirror in the hand and a large mirror behind them they can see the finished look.

Still, you want to have a practice run this way too. Schedule an appointment at Muse Salon several weeks before your event. Then you can have the Chignon done and know you are going to love it. Then you can schedule your appointment for it to be done on the big day when you have a glorious event you would like to attend. If you don’t have much hair you can still have a Chignon though. Talk to your me about hair extensions. I can give you the length and the volume you want to get this type of look completed.


Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Some individuals choose to have curly hair through the use of a perm. It can add body to their hair and they find it is easier to take care of. Most individuals with curly hair though are born with it that way. Instead of fighting it daily or damaging it through straightening techniques, learn about the different hairstyles for curly hair. There are many great ideas that can transform curly hair from something that is unruly into something luxurious that other people are jealous of.

Keep in mind that you will have to experiment to find what works well for you. While curly hair can look great, it can also look unruly and tangled. You want a smooth look that you have control over. Short curly hair can be more difficult to manage than longer locks. Yet for some people long curly hair looks unhealthy due to the weight of it.

If that is the case, getting it cut to the shoulders may be a great way to get the benefits that healthy curly hair has to offer. There are updos that work well with curly hair as well. Some pieces left to frame the face with the rest up in a hair clip or ponytail can look very trendy. When your hair is down, you want it to flow nicely so being able to get control over curly hair is important.

The internet is a great place to find fantastic hair styles for curly hair. You can look at pictures of hair in various lengths. Once you find your own hair length you can look at more pictures of these styles before coming up with your final decision. Many sites have the step by step instructions to help you replicate those looks on your own hair. I advise many of my curly haired clients in Dallas to print and bring in a picture of what they are looking for.

On the internet (youtube) you will also find tons step by step videos where you can watch someone start and complete their curly hairstyle. These videos can show you the different tips and tricks that can ensure you get the results you are after. As you learn how to work with your curls instead of against them you will fall in love with your naturally curly hair all over again.

Too many people think of it as a curse instead of a blessing. However, that is because they haven’t yet learned how to style it effectively. The right types of brushes can affect what result you get when you attempt certain hairstyles too. Make sure you have quality brushes and that you know how to use them for different looks.

Using the right products for curly hair to achieve particular styles is important as well. For example some people have curly hair that frizzes easily. There are many great products out there that can prevent that from happening. Gel or mousse can help to shape and sculpt. The wrong products can dry your hair out and also weigh it down so this is very important. The amount of these products is key as well so make sure you understand how much of them to use for a certain look.

A professional hairstylist like myself is more than able to help you get the most benefit from curly hair. I can help you to find great styles that give you volume and shape without looking out of control. I can also help you to learn which products will achieve desired looks. You may want to go with a cut that is versatile so you can have many fabulous looks with it. The goal is to have curly hair that looks great no matter what you do with it.

It is understandable that everyone has some variations when it comes to their curly hair. You may have to work with different types of hairstyles and ideas to find what works well for you. Having a quality hairstylist in your corner is critically important as well. You want someone that is well trained in the art of working with curly hair. In fact, if you do not come and sit in my chair at Trio Salon Uptown you can find a hairstyist that also has curly hair… they will have first hand knowledge of what you are working with.

Keep an eye out for new styles and trends that come along as well. There are more of them introduced for curly hair than most people think. Keeping your options open will prevent you from being bored with the same old look all the time. It will also keep the process of caring for your hair exciting.

If you have thought you were limited in great hairstyles due to curly hair, it is time to open your eyes. View all that is offered to you, come see me and make some positive changes. You may have the same hairstyle that you did five or ten years ago. Updating that look can make a huge difference in how you feel about your appearance. It can also get you noticed by other people and looking younger!

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Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Are you looking for hairstyles for fine hair? Are you looking for a Dallas Hair Salon and a Hairstylist that can answer your questions? Well look no further because I can help you! A fair number of my clients have fine hair and if you have fine hair, you know that styling it can be a challenge. It can fall flat, look greasy, and frustrate you with flyaway pieces. But there are many things you can do to make your fine hair look fantastic, and it all starts with a great haircut from me.

Basics of fine hair

If the individual hair strands are fine, you have fine hair. Many people assume that you must also have thin hair to have fine hair, but you can have a lot of hair and it can still be very fine. You just have a lot of fine hair. Most women with fine hair also have thin hair, but you can have a full head of fine hair also.

Fine hair can be hard to manage here in Dallas because in this dry climate, it can become full of static and produce flyaway strands, and in humid weather, it can be limp and flat. The right haircut is essential.

Haircuts for fine hair

Whether you have fine straight hair or fine wavy hair, you need to start with a good cut. Many people with fine hair make the mistake of focusing on hair products to keep their hair looking good, but that’s a mistake. Without a good haircut, all the products in the world won’t help you.

When you come and see me for the first time, I will be able to see that you have fine hair, but you should also let me know your particular fine hair problems. Does your hair take to a style and then fall a few hours later? Do you straighten it, but have naturally wavy hair, even though it’s fine? Tell me your particular problems and styling patterns, so I can make good decision about what kind of cut to give you.

While styling is important, you must start with that solid basic cut first.

I recommend that you keep your fine hair relatively short, at or above the shoulder level. This is helpful in maintaining body in the hair. The best haircut for fine hair will be somewhat blunt with some layers, although too many layers can make the hair go flat. But layers can create the illusion that you have thicker hair, so some layers are nearly essential. One of the most popular haircuts I have seen for women with fine hair is the classic bob with its infinite variety of possible styles.

Although many hairstylists like to give razor haircuts, razors aren’t always the best tool for cutting fine hair. They can make the hair look shredded. If you do want a razor cut, make sure your stylist has a good deal of experience giving razor cuts to fine hair.

Basic styling tips

Simplicity is key when styling fine hair. You’ll also want to pay attention to the weather because how you style your fine hair should be determined somewhat by the weather forecast.

If you live here in Dallas, be careful about flyaways. You can use a light mousse to keep the hair under control, and even use a dryer sheet to keep it under control. Simply run the dryer sheet over your hair to keep it smoothed (but not weighted down). If it’s humid, you can use fewer hair care products, because fine hair can quickly become flat and limp in humid weather and products won’t help with that particular problem.

When you dry your fine hair, use a high heat setting on your dryer and dry it as quickly as possible. You want to limit how long your hair is in contact with the heat drying because fine hair can dry out quickly and become flyaway if over dried.

Product use

Some products that are popular with stylists and people with thick hair are deadly to fine hair. These include pomades, waxes and most gels. If you use a product that’s heavy on your hair, it will drag it down, making it lifeless and flat. It might just appear to be dirty, which is hardly a look you’re after. Instead, use lightweight gels or a good quality mousse on your hair. If you must use hairspray, use a lightweight spray that’s designed to control flyaway hair and provides just a light misting of holding power.

Final thoughts

Fine hair can be hard to work with and you might sometimes be frustrated with your hair, but just remember that a good cut can make all the difference. Start by visiting me at Trio Salon in Uptown Dallas and the rest will be easy 🙂

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Dallas Hair

Dallas Hair

The Best Dallas Hairstyles for you

Women who live in Dallas love hair and are known for their keen sense of fashion and cutting edge hairstyles.  But in order to get the latest, most fashionable hairstyles in Dallas you need to  know what is in and what is not.  You need to have an understanding of which hairstyle will look best with your particular face shape and work with your lifestyle. And finally you need to have the tools and know how to maintain that style for a salon every day look.

This season there are many Dallas hairstyles that are perfect for you.  Both long and short styles are in fashion but how they are styled is the key.  So, whether you prefer long hair to short or vice versa, you can have a great looking hairstyle that is sure to be in style.  Layers and bigger hair is in this season.  Also in style is a slightly messy look.  For long hair, especially for summer time, knotted ponytails, heavy blond highlights and half up half down styles are in fashion.  Use clips to pull the hair away from the face.  Instead of a smooth, sleek style, choose to tease the front slightly and then smooth it across the top of the head for a fuller look.  For evening, use a little hair product and make a full dramatic look with messy layers or curls.

Women with short hair can also employ clips to pull the hair away from the face in fun, flirty ways.  Geometric layers, inverted bobs and asymmetrical layers are especially in style this season.  Women with short hair can get the latest Dallas hairstyles by getting a choppy cut that frames the face.  Curls and full looks create a dramatic yet flirty look that is in style this season.  Stay away from ultra sleek looks and overly processed hair!  Natural hair is in!  To achieve some looks, hair products need to be used but do so sparingly to avoid looking like you have plastic hair!

Face shape is critically important to determine the hairstyle that will suit you best.  Women with rounder faces should avoid hairstyles that are too short and accentuates the roundness of the face.  Women that fall into this category should try mid shoulder to long haircuts that will elongate the face and draw the eye down.  Women with square faces, the trick is to find a cut that minimizes the angles.  Short styles with layers are ideal for this shape.  Oblong faces should avoid hair that is too long as this will make the face look even longer.  Short hair and use of bangs are perfect in this situation.  Anyone lucky enough to have an oval face shape can get away with pretty much anything because this shape is extremely versatile.

If you do not come and sit in my chair, choosing a hairstylist to achieve the perfect look for you may be tricky…. so please make sure to shop around.  Ask for referrals from friends, family or people whose hair you like as this is the best way to find a reliable, skilled hairdresser in Dallas.  When dealing with haircuts, you get what you pay for.  You do not have to pay a premium for a fantastic hairstyle but you should avoid the cheap chain cutting salons if at all possible. These establishments  are fine for childrens haircuts but you will not always get the best of the best when it comes to fashion sense and skill.

Of course, everyone looks wonderful once they get out of the hair salon but sometimes it is not easy to maintain that look.  Make sure that you pay close attention to the hairdresser when they are styling your  hair.  Ask him/her which hair products need to be used and make sure you have them available at home.  If you choose a good hairstylist they will not mind answering your questions so make sure you know how to curl, style or blow dry your hair to recreate the same fresh out of the salon look every day!

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